Pet birds

colorful birds
pet birds

Have you considered owning a pet bird?

A bird can make a great pet. At Pets Are Pals, we regularly have an impressive flock to choose from at our Sheffield shop. Whatever bird you choose, we will help you and give you as much advice as possible. If you are just upsizing your birdcage or looking for seeds and treats for your bird, we also stock an extensive range of bird food and accessories too.

Whether you're experienced at keeping birds or are looking for a new pet, Pets Are Pals are here to help.

What can we provide you with?

  • Budgies
  • Cockatiels
  • Lovebirds and quail
  • Bird cages and accessories
  • Games and toys
  • Bird food 
  • And much more
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For more information on pet birds and much more, call 
Pets Are Pals of Sheffield today on: 

0114 245 0004
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